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make me choose » everalrk asked: nina dobrev or natalie dormer

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that one time a guy from my school was sent home for wearing a skirt and everyone wore skirts as a protest the following school day


That’s beautiful

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  1. Science teacher: Name one cloning experimentation.
  2. Me: Tatiana Maslany
  3. Science teacher: What?
  4. Me: What?
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We don’t have immediate plans for a French clone, but if we had a French Canadian clone, it would have to be Evelyne Brochu cloned.

Graeme (x)

Multiple Tatiana’s kill me, but another Evelyne


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We’re putting together a blooper reel.

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And with that the entire Cloneclub cheered

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ONE MORE DAY ! this will literally be my face tomorrow. Hope you like the drawing!

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  1. SPN season 1: Aw man we can't impersonate homeland security. That is illegal!
  2. SPN season 8: HahaHAHa FBI SO LEGIT look at my badge it says 'Han Solo'.
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Evelyne tied her hair for the red carpet

And she had the fluffy puppy hair for meeting the fans

She definitely did it on purpose, bless her heart